On Demanding Tolerance

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions."Gilbert K. Chesterton And to be "without convictions" is to surrender to the Orwellian existence as depicted in "1984."  Slack jawed.  No opinions, no convictions. To exist without convictions is to surrender to all.   Turn in your permit to be a thinking human being. Chesterton suggests that people should have convictions.  He is correct. Pure tolerance would be to have no opinion, no conviction.  The Orwellian society in "1984"  demanded its members to be so. Those who sheltered convictions were forced to mask them.  Yet those in power were severely  "intolerant." Is that where we are headed? But Liberals have convictions do they not? I maintain that those demanding tolerance are actually saying  "don't have convictions that conflict with mine." Hence, tolerance or the state of being tolerant, really has little to do with discussion or being open minded.  When a liberal...(Read Full Post)