Ominous silence for Obama

I often keep the Catholic network EWTN on in the background as I do housework.  This afternoon featured live programming from the 130th Supreme Convention of the Catholic fraternal and charitable organization the Knights of Columbus from Anaheim, California. It's estimated that around 2,000 members of the Knights of Columbus will attend the convention. The theme of this year's convention is Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land.  At the opening session of the convention the Knights announced they had letters of greeting from leaders of several of the nations with large representations at the meeting. The first one read was from U.S. President Barack Obama.  It was met with complete silence.  By contrast letters from the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the Philippines were all applauded. The silence that met Obama's greeting contrasted sharply with the multiple standing ovations Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson received during his annual report when he addressed...(Read Full Post)