Obama's Work Ethic Criticized Again

Everyone has a hobbyhorse.  Mine happens to be Obama's lack of a work ethic. I first commented on his history of laziness three years ago in "Obama's Work Ethic."  He has been AWOL on some of the most issues of the day (entitlements, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, budget talks -- even his signature "achievement," ObamaCare, was more a creation of the left-wing ideologues in Congress that he farmed the heavy lifting to).  Even the liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus commented about "Obama's Where's Waldo Presidency."  He blows off paying tribute to our veterans, avoids meetings with world leaders whom he has personal piques with (Great Britain's Gordon Brown, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu), and ignores the work done by the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Commission, his Jobs Council, meetings with Congressional leaders -- even those of his own party.  The list goes on and on. Now comes the latest salvo against his pitiful work ethic from columnist Charles Gasparino...(Read Full Post)