Obama Stoops to New Fundraising Lows

Obama 2012 has expanded that infamous Rahm Emanuel aphorism that says, "Never let serious crisis to go to waste," to include "Never let an opportunity to bilk for campaign cash go to waste!" In order to fill campaign coffers with much-needed funds to finance the president's reelection, the Obama campaign engaging in a mortifying level of desperation.   Exploitative fundraising efforts have included featuring the family dog Bo in the $5-donation "Throw Bo a Bone" fundraiser, and even a Guest Registry that suggests future wedding guests bless the bride and groom with a gift that keeps on taking by passing that envelope full of hundred dollar bills to Barack Obama instead. In addition to tacky efforts to extract money from the gullible, there's also an Obama 2012 online store filled with items like ethnic-, sexual orientation- and state-specific T-shirts.  Eclectic Obama supporters can also find Obama yoga pants for people who spend too much time "lounging around on the...(Read Full Post)