Obama Is God, I Guess

The problem with the Affordable Care Act is the Affordable Care Act itself.  Obama has already taken seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars from Medicare to put into his pet law.  He has transferred seniors' money to the indifferent pockets of the uninsured.  Sucker Democrats are worried that Romney-Ryan's Medicare proposal will bankrupt Social Security.  They can't believe that the Affordable Care Act is already burying them financially and sending seniors to the graveyard of rationing.  Obama destroys seniors while he feathers the nests of non-contributors. He is God, I guess...I mean, he decides which ill people deserve what.  His narcissism has morphed to auto-theism.  Except God would not pick on seniors and cop their dialysis and hip operations in their waning days.  Non-achievers would not steal seniors' health care. Democrats will naively vote against Romney for President.  Yet Romney-Ryan is not the threat to Medicare. ...(Read Full Post)