Obama Dazzles Denver Dames

The Obama 2012 campaign, featuring Sandra Fluke, the "eloquent advocate for women's health" and Georgetown University Law School graduate whose claim to fame is complaining that for lack of free contraceptives a friend with polycystic ovary disease lost an ovary, converged on Denver, Colorado. The thrust of yesterday's truth-stretching stump speech was to convince 4,000 swooning women that Mitt Romney is Ward Cleaver.  Primarily, the President was there to persuade the ladies that electing him for a second term would ensure that women's issues would continue to take precedence over lesser concerns such as Afghanistan, the economy, the housing crisis, national security, illegal immigration, unemployment and anything else Obama has royally messed up. To officially kick off the day, Obama referenced the Aurora and Oak Creek, Wisconsin shootings, promising that "This is going to have to stop. And as an American family -- as one American family -- we're going to have to come together...(Read Full Post)