Obama Administration Desperate Not to Talk about Jobs

The current re-election campaign tactics being waged by the Obama team make for some of the most bizarre in recent history, as the Obama campaign attempts to focus solely on destroying its opponent, Mitt Romney, while occasionally throwing in some made up statistic in defense of Barack Obama's tenure.   However, there is ample reason for this strategy: namely, Obama's people have no other choice, as the economic plight of the American people has reached crisis proportions. An article in the New York Times spells out this dire scenario: Across the country, in almost every demographic, Americans earn less today than they did in June 2009, when the recovery technically started.  As of June, the median household income for all Americans was $50,964, or 4.8% lower than its level three years earlier, when the inflation adjusted median income was $53,508. The decline looks even worse when comparing today's incomes to those when the recession began in December 2007. ...(Read Full Post)