No uncredentialed children on the Democratic convention floor

In the latest chapter of The Democrats' War on Women, children, including babies, including breast feeding babies, will be forbidden on the floor of the Democratic National Convention unless they have voter convention credentials.  Whoops!  Women, who are often the main caregivers of children, are not happy about this policy; men have not yet offered an opinion. Now National Organization for Women chapters in Southern California - with an assist from feminist Gloria Steinem - are denouncing the convention for "discrimination against moms." "Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women," Steinem said in a statement. "It's both right and smart for the Democratic Convention to behave as if children exist." Lindsey Horvath, president of the Hollywood NOW chapter, said the convention policy "creates an insurmountable barrier for mothers ... to participate in the process of choosing a presidential candidate." Tellingly, for a...(Read Full Post)