New York Times misreports Pussy Riot case

On August 17, 2012, the New York Times reported on the front page of its website that three members of the now-famous all-female Russian group known as "Pussy Riot" had been convicted of hooliganism and sent to prison.  The article was so rife with gross and reckless errors that it ought to be stuffed and hung like a trophy in the den of the conservative movement. The Times called Pussy Riot a "punk band." In fact, they are a performance art collective.  They do not perform concerts or release albums, they stage provocative incidents that usually last only a few seconds and the music is far from being the point. They are, in essence, actresses pretending to be a punk band to achieve their art. They originally came together as part of another performance collective called Voina (which means "war" in Russian); this was the group that painted a 200-foot penis on a St. Petersburg drawbridge and staged an orgy in a Moscow museum. None of this made it into the Times...(Read Full Post)