New Romney ad touts Obama's rollback of welfare reform

This is one of Romney's better moves -- and it's nearly a month late. Last month, President Obama waved his magic executive order wand and did away with the work requirement for welfare -- a key part of the 1990's welfare reform. The newest Romney ad makes it clear that Obama is more extreme than Bill Clinton, who eventually embraced welfare reform after opposing it for years. Washington Post: "President Obama is unilaterally dismantling President Clinton's welfare reforms," Romney campaign spokesman Andrea Saul said in a statement. "Instead of tough work requirements, the president's policies could change welfare to work into old-fashioned welfare. As president, Mitt Romney will restore the bipartisan work requirement in welfare so that workers have the dignity of a job and not just a handout." The Obama campaign responded by noting that in 2005, then-Massachusetts governor Romney and most other Republican governors requested state waivers similar to those the Obama...(Read Full Post)