My strictly kosher experience at Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day

Although I am a native Chicagoan who has lived in the city for many years apparently I am not a good citizen according to our mayor, Rahm Emanuel (D). By his description, I lack Chicago values. Guilty! I am so respectful of my fellow neighbors and other residents that I have never murdered any of them nor have I bribed any city, county or state employee, all standard behavior and practices in our city. I also believe in the US Constitution, including the sections guaranteeing the free exercise of religion and freedom of speech which, according to the mayor and one of his alderman, are available only to those who agree with the mayor. I have other political, philosophical, economic and religious differences with the mayor. While I respect his right to his opinions, if I wanted to open a business in the city--highly unlikely given the red tape and other complications--he would be able to stop me simply because he disagreed with me. As a Jew who knows how easy it is to be marginalized...(Read Full Post)