Mr. President, who're you foolin'? Oh, there they are.

The "Obama backdrop" we can call it now.  The fawning, nearly fainting, adoring sycophants with the cups of kool aid.  Be it college students fresh from the halls of leftist indoctrination, or, in this case, the women who somehow think their 'healthcare' choices are at risk.  Reminds one of the Oprah show, doesn't it? Perhaps the President should like to try his speeches before Junior Achievement, Lions Clubs, or Rotary Clubs.  Here, before the throngs of the unquestioning, Obama suggests Michelle's 'woman's' healthcare choices are at risk. One might ask What exactly are Michelle's woman's healthcare choices, and who in the world is threatening to interfere with her choices, or the choices of any other woman? What is up for question is Who Pays?  That is an entirely other matter, and the matter at hand. The suggestion that individual liberties are being threatened by the GOP and protected by the Democratic Party is absurd. The suggestion that if the...(Read Full Post)