Mr. President, who're you foolin'? Oh, there they are.

The "Obama backdrop" we can call it now.  The fawning, nearly fainting, adoring sycophants with the cups of kool aid.  Be it college students fresh from the halls of leftist indoctrination, or, in this case, the women who somehow think their 'healthcare' choices are at risk.  Reminds one of the Oprah show, doesn't it?

Perhaps the President should like to try his speeches before Junior Achievement, Lions Clubs, or Rotary Clubs. 

Here, before the throngs of the unquestioning, Obama suggests Michelle's 'woman's' healthcare choices are at risk. One might ask What exactly are Michelle's woman's healthcare choices, and who in the world is threatening to interfere with her choices, or the choices of any other woman? What is up for question is Who Pays? 

That is an entirely other matter, and the matter at hand. The suggestion that individual liberties are being threatened by the GOP and protected by the Democratic Party is absurd. The suggestion that if the Government doesn't pay, the choice is therefore taken away, defies common sense. Where is the scrutiny?

Doesn't the Obama family have the very best healthcare, in the world, for life? Who're you kidding? ( I think I see their faces behind you.)  You are worried about Michelle's healthcare choices? Really? What choices will common Americans have, those people outside the safety net of Presidential and Congressional healthcare plans, when Obamacare is in full blown effect? Fewer choices, that is a certainty. Can we talk about those for a while?

Mr. Obama laments that Michelle is not paid.  Alas. No first lady ever has been paid.

Perhaps the trappings of being first lady are compensation enough. The massive staff, the vacations, entourages, separate flights, wardrobe allowances that bring $6000 jackets. Being waited on hand and foot seems to be handsome compensation for being the President's wife.

Or maybe, as some suggest, Michelle is actually making some tough national decisions with Valerie Jarret behind closed doors. Is she helping run the country? If so, I suggest, Mr. President, that you pro rate your salary and share your compensation.

And here come all the other tricks. The fainting at the rally, "Stand back, anybody have a water bottle?" The straw men, set up and then destroyed by his" brilliance and fairness". "They" want dirty air and dirty water, he says.  But don't "they" really want affordable energy and responsible coal use? And "they" want to take healthcare choices out of the hands of women.  But don't "they" really want the costs to be away from the federal government and free from insurance mandates?

There seem to be a new low in the world of Presidential conduct.  And the complicit media, that is idle and unquestioning when logic is clearly tortured, is the great enabler.  Justice Alito shook his head at the State of the Union speech when Citizens United v. FEC was misrepresented by Mr. Obama.  Now head shaking is becoming a national sport.