Massacre outside of Damascus

The bodies of 320 men, women, and children were found in houses and basements in a suburb outside of Damascus. They had been killed "execution style" by Syrian government troops in house to house searches. Reuters: In the town of Daraya to the southwest of Damascus, some 320 bodies, including women and children, were found in houses and basements, according to activists who said most had been killed "execution-style" by troops in house-to-house raids. Activists uploaded several videos to the Internet showing rows of bloodied bodies wrapped in sheets. Most of the dead appeared to be young men of fighting age, but at least one video showed several children who appeared to have been shot in the head. The body of one toddler was soaked in blood. Due to restrictions on non-state media in Syria, it was impossible to independently verify the accounts. Clashes are raging across Syria as the 17-month-old rebellion grows increasingly bloody, particularly in the northern city of...(Read Full Post)