Mammary Mavens and Other Government Boobs

As barriers are placed in front of mothers who feel more at ease bottle-feeding their children, what started with government orchestrating kids' lunches is fast becoming an attempt at national nipple control.  The breastfeeding issue has progressed rapidly since Obama's pro-breastfeeding Federal Lactation Accommodation Law bill injected the whir of a breast pump into the workplace by imposing a requirement on employers to "give nursing mothers a ... place to breast feed." But the nursing-over-formula debate really revved up when Michelle Obama became preoccupied with post-natal nourishment options as part of her anti-obesity campaign.  That was when Michelle began focusing on what she called "early intervention...touch points in a child's life." Hoping to find a way to regulate BMIs from Diet Control Central, Michelle Obama began the breastfeeding-is-better conversation by allowing America a peek into the Obama family nursery, where the first lady shared that she had...(Read Full Post)