LA Times column prioritizes talking points over basic math

This past Friday, a Los Angeles Times column by David Lauter took the novel approach of ignoring basic mathematics in favor of liberal talking points.  Rather than take any kind of fact-based look at the Medicare plan of the Romney/Ryan campaign, Lauter's column completely misled readers about what Romney and Ryan plan to do about the president's now-infamous $716-billion cuts to Medicare. Lauter spent his column mocking Mitt Romney's opposition to the $716 billion in Medicare cuts found in the Affordable Care Act.  According to Lauter, Romney's opposition to these cuts would add them back to the national debt over the next decade: So on Wednesday, Romney made clear that he would eliminate the Medicare savings, and Ryan fell into line. ... And because Romney did not offer any new revenue to cover the $716 billion cost, nor any offsetting reductions, the price tag would simply be added to the national credit card -- worsening the "prairie fire of debt" that Romney decried in...(Read Full Post)