Juan Williams Spreads Democrats' Racist Narrative

Commenting on her speech at the RNC on Tuesday night, Juan Williams said he thought that Ann Romney came off as a "corporate wife" whose "husband takes care of her."  You know- a wholly privileged gal who's never worked, never suffered (besides that whole "having multiple sclerosis and cancer" thing), so everyday American women, like single moms, just can't relate to her.  First of all, this is funny because it's essentially doubling down on the "she never worked a day in her life" gaffe that compromised Hilary Rosen and cost Democrats swathes of support from women voters, so this'll be fun to watch play out again among women voters. But the most hilarious thing is that, by proxy, he is suggesting that Michelle Obama just exudes this normalcy that Ann Romney lacks.  As if Michelle Obama's trek from Princeton to politics with Barack was a perilous journey fraught with hardships, culminating in some kind of modest life those poor single moms can relate to so well that...(Read Full Post)