It's the Economy that's in 'Chains'

Our egregiously gaffe-prone Vice President recently stated that if elected, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would "put y'all back in chains," while speaking before a largely black audience in Danville, VA.  With these continued blunders, one can't help but wonder if Biden's refrigerator is cluttered with cans of whipped cream that are mysteriously devoid of a certain type of gas propellant.   Ironically, President Obama's policies are increasingly placing the economy and as a result; the poor, the middle class and the job creators of all races in virtual "chains." President Obama continues to claim that we tried the free-market "top down" approach of supply-side economics and it "didn't work."  Obama also said during a speech in Oakland, CA that "we tried our plan -- and it worked".  Much of America is still waiting for the punch lines to these jokes. Recent history clearly shows that when free-enterprise is un-chained from big government via low taxes and regulations,...(Read Full Post)