It's Okay to Laugh

On September 29, 2001, Rudi Giuliani was the guest on the first Saturday Night Live since 9/11. The idea of laughing again in this country was not a given. It was a risk. Lorne Michael handled the risk by directly asking Rudi Giuliani, "Is it okay to laugh again?" The ice was broken when Giuliani replied, "why start now?" In November, 2008, many people in this country questioned whether it was okay to vote against a black candidate. They asked themselves that question when voting in the primary against the far more qualified and experienced Hilary Clinton. Then, they did so again when Obama, with no track record whatsoever, ran against a far more qualified McCain. During the four years of his presidency, many people asked themselves whether it was okay to laugh at the President's obvious gaffes. These included thinking there were 57 states, his handing an iPod to the Queen of England as if this were some exotic device unavailable in such a backward country as Great Britain (at least...(Read Full Post)