Is Nidal Hasan Army or Islam?

Can the United States seriously be bending over backwards for a mass murderer? There is something peculiar in this case, again.  The first instance was the omission of any reference to Islam or the Muslim chants of the murderer as he killed 13 people and wounded others at Fort Hood. Now we get the undue delay from non-Army regulation facial hair -- in short, the beard.  Growing it against Army regulations.  So Hasan is still considered "in the Army," meaning that, unbelievably, Nadal Hassan is still being paid!  What does one have to do to get suspended without pay? And why this courtesy of letting Hasan enjoy the protections of both the Army and his religion, when they are in conflict?  He can't; he shouldn't have it both ways. If he wants the beard, the religion, and all their legal trappings, he should be dismissed from the Army.  If he wishes to enjoy the protection -- and pay -- of the Army, he should be forced to conform to its regulations. ...(Read Full Post)