If the Olympics Were 'Fair'

The Olympic closing ceremonies are now complete.  If Pres. Obama and his Democratic colleagues were consistent, they would announce their intent to appeal these unfair Olympic results to the International Olympic Committee. They should request that all of the medals awarded to all of the participants be recalled.  They should propose that all of the medals (gold, silver, and bronze) be melted down together in one common pot.  The (mostly worthless) resulting gold, silver and bronze alloy mixture should be cast into much smaller, identical medals.  Each athlete who participated in the games should then be awarded one of these medals. After all, this would only be 'fair.'  Although the USA athletes trained and competed hard for years to be awarded more medals than the other nations which competed, we wouldn't want the United States to become a despised world athletic 'superpower.'  We need to apologize for America's 'unfair' athletic success and worldwide...(Read Full Post)