If the Olympics Were 'Fair'

The Olympic closing ceremonies are now complete.  If Pres. Obama and his Democratic colleagues were consistent, they would announce their intent to appeal these unfair Olympic results to the International Olympic Committee.

They should request that all of the medals awarded to all of the participants be recalled.  They should propose that all of the medals (gold, silver, and bronze) be melted down together in one common pot.  The (mostly worthless) resulting gold, silver and bronze alloy mixture should be cast into much smaller, identical medals.  Each athlete who participated in the games should then be awarded one of these medals.

After all, this would only be 'fair.'  Although the USA athletes trained and competed hard for years to be awarded more medals than the other nations which competed, we wouldn't want the United States to become a despised world athletic 'superpower.'  We need to apologize for America's 'unfair' athletic success and worldwide domination.  We wouldn't want to bruise the fragile ego and pride of the other athletes or the populations of their home nations.  We wouldn't want to foster resentment.

This generation of American athletes shouldn't mind nor be too surprised.  Many of them have grown up in an anti-competitive culture that awards trophies to everyone who participates, regardless of their performance.  Why not extend this to its logical conclusion, at the Olympic level?  Wouldn't this be the utopian socialist vision?  If everyone gets the same medal, then everyone should be happy, right?

To paraphrase a recent popular Obama aphorism, I do think, at some point, you've won enough medals.  Isn't it 'selfish' of the best performing athletes to expect recognition, praise, and reward for their efforts?  It's as if they think they've earned it through their own merit!  I'm sure that Pres. Obama could deliver a speech to enlighten the athletes to the superior rights of the collective (and the state) over the individual.

Although our US athletes appear to have played by the rules, it isn't 'fair' that they've achieved greater success than the peers against who they've competed.  Although there is absolutely no proof of any rule breaking, there is rampant envious suspicion that they must have cheated or had some other unfair advantage over their peers.  Otherwise, how could they possibly have succeeded where others did not?  We should demand 'fairness' through equal outcomes.

Medals should also be awarded to the elected socialists around the world.  They claim to have built the infrastructure that made possible the training of the Olympic athletes and the Olympic events themselves.  Every Olympic spectator knows that the winning athletes "didn't build that!"  There are a lot of talented, hard-working athletes around the world.  What makes these gold medal winners think that they are any better than their peers?  They couldn't have achieved anything without the roads, bridges, and additional infrastructure that socialist politicians built.  (Sure, the politicians took money from the taxpayers to do it, but let's ignore that inconvenient fact; it doesn't fit nicely into this socialist narrative.)

We've been recognizing and praising the wrong people all along.  The 'real' athletes and overachievers here are Pres. Obama, the Democratic National Committee, and their socialist counterparts around the world.  Isn't it obvious?