Hey, Fareed, You've Got a Paragraph; You Didn't Write That

He really didn't. In penning his recent piece "The Case for Gun Control," Time editor and CNN host Fareed Zakaria actually made the case that he needs to focus on pen control.  Because he plagiarized part of his work from a New Yorker article written by one Jill Lepore. Zakaria was busted by NewsBusters, a feat that probably wasn't too difficult since Lepore's piece was published less than four months ago.  A slick one you are, Fareed.  But this isn't surprising when others grease the skids for you.  While CNN and Time have suspended Zakaria, it's damning that he has long been able to work and plagiarize another day.  After all, as Hot Air pointed out, he has done this before -- frequently. This has made many wonder how, in an age in which even high-school teachers utilize online services to detect lifted work, Zakaria could be so stupid.  Is he a compulsive literary kleptomaniac or just a leftist?  Or did I just repeat myself?  Hot Air offers...(Read Full Post)