Gallup judges Ryan with methodology it disparaged in '08

"Reaction to Ryan as VP Pick Among Least Positive Historically," reads the headline from Gallup. It is already being regurgitated by the Obama propaganda machine, aka the MSM, as proof that Mitt Romney made a poor choice of running mates. Gallup claims: Four in 10 Americans rate Mitt Romney's selection of Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate as either "excellent" or "pretty good," while 42% call the choice "only fair" or "poor." This even division is among the least positive reactions to a vice presidential choice Gallup has recorded in recent elections. Even in lumping these four categories into two, Gallup is doing Ryan and Republicans a dis-service. It could also be said that 63% rated the Ryan selection as either  "fair," pretty good," or "excellent." Gallup chose the more negative interpretation. And Gallup compiled those results using methodology that it disparaged during the 2008 election. Gallup based the Ryan survey on a sample group of all the adults (about 1,000)...(Read Full Post)