French riots in Amiens by 'unknown youths'

I understand the sensitivity about naming Muslims as the culprits in some serious riots that broke out in the northern  city of Amiens in France last night. Blaming a group with little proof would only worsen the situation. But who lives in the area where the riots occurred? These are the suburbs of France where immigrants - many of North African origin -- live outside the mainstream of French political and cultural life. Economically depressed with little opportunity to escape, the massive number of young people with no prospects and little hope hate the police and government and can start a riot for no reason. A thumbnail of the suburbs from CSM: The suburb residents are mostly Arab or African, often Muslim and poor. One-third live below the poverty line. Some are immigrants, but increasingly they are second- and third-generation immigrants, descended from guest workers who arrived in the 1960s and '70s. Thirty-nine per­cent of the residents are under age 25, and youth...(Read Full Post)