Focusing on the Real Abortion Issue

It has become commonplace that every pro-lifer is now berated with questions regarding abortion in cases of rape and incest.  This liberal tactic deflects conversations away from the biological and moral arguments of abortion, which are clearly in favor of the pro-lifer, and attempts to focus the conversation on the one pro-choice argument that appears mainstream.  Statistically, cases of abortion due to rape and incest are very few compared to the scores of lives that are ended by abortion due to other reasons.  Pro-lifers should be focused on professing the evils of abortions, and should never be duped into debating technicalities while the deaths of millions of Americans are ignored.    Of the 50+ million abortions that have been performed in the US since Roe V Wade around 1% claimed to be due to rape or incest.  With that in mind, to focus one's thoughts on cases of rape and incest is to consider the emotional distress of 500,000 over the deaths of...(Read Full Post)