Famous Democrat War Hero Attacks Fellow Warriors. Again

John Kerry is up to his old tricks, doing what he's done all his sorry, sleazy  Democrat life, attempting to discredit American warriors. This time around, John Fraud Kerry is smearing our special operations forces on behalf of probably the only man alive who is a more deplorable commander-in-chief than Kerry himself would have been. Kerry missed that opportunity because of the courage of the men he served with in Vietnam, officers and enlisted, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder and denounced him as unfit to command. They so thoroughly torpedoed the political scow Kerry was trying to sail up the Potomac that they have entered the political lexicon in the form of the term swiftboating, a pejorative to the left and a term describing distinctly courageous and honorable behavior to those on the right.  The lapdog media always claimed that Kerry was smeared because the SBV campaign supposedly spread vicious lies about his service. Hiding behind the media, Kerry swore he would...(Read Full Post)