Egypt spokesman: Morsi never sent friendly letter to Peres

If I were Morsi, I'd withdraw the letter too. This is what got Anwar Sadat killed -- saying nice things about the Israelis. Haaretz: The spokesman for Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi on Tuesday denied reports that Morsi has sent a letter to Israeli president Shimon Peres. "Everything that was reported in the Israeli media regarding the letter does not correspond to reality," said Yasser Ali in a statement. The denial by the Egyptian president's spokesman is especially odd in light of the fact that diplomats in the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv were the ones who passed on the missive, which was printed on the official letterhead of the ambassador along with the embassy's stamps. Moreover, senior Egyptian officials in Cairo notified the Israeli embassy in Cairo about the missive. The letter, which was written in English and dated July 15, came as a response to a message sent by Peres a month ago, in which the president congratulated Morsi for his victory in the...(Read Full Post)