Did the Democrats select Republican Senate nominee in Missouri?

Did the Democrats elect Congressman Todd Akin in the Missouri Republican Senatorial primary election on August 7th? Todd Akin won the primary by 36,616 votes over John Brunner. There are 3,428 precincts in the state of Missouri. That is less than 11 votes per precinct. Since Missouri is an open ballot state where you do not register with a political party, you can pick any party's ballot in a primary election. This year there was virtually no opposition for the statewide offices in the Democratic Party. Senator Claire McCaskill ran unopposed on the Democrats' ticket. The Republican primary had three major candidates, Sarah Steelman, Todd Akin, and John Brunner, as well as five lesser-known candidates. Did Democrats vote in the Republican primary in an attempt to determine the Republican nominee? One Springfield Republican did tell me that she saw two known Democrats take Republican ballots. There has been some speculation that Sen. Claire McCaskill wanted to run against Rep. Todd...(Read Full Post)