Declining MSM's last gasp

There is no more denying that the so-called mainstream media is in the tank for Barack Obama. This fact now needs to be accepted for what it is, and conservatives, libertarians and Republicans must stop wasting so much time either pointing out the obvious or attempting to deal with those out to humiliate and defeat them. The present day incarnation of the media will not nor is it capable of change.  This is an insular establishment so imbued with group-think that they are unable to generate an original thought.   Their primary concern is themselves and their place within the in-crowd.  They live and work among those who consider themselves to be the best and brightest and above all superior to the rabble that lives in the American hinterlands. Thus they are among the most arrogant and self-centered people in the country and are not worthy of the rest of us spending so much time pointing out their absurd statements and bias.   The media is first and...(Read Full Post)