Declining MSM's last gasp

There is no more denying that the so-called mainstream media is in the tank for Barack Obama. This fact now needs to be accepted for what it is, and conservatives, libertarians and Republicans must stop wasting so much time either pointing out the obvious or attempting to deal with those out to humiliate and defeat them.

The present day incarnation of the media will not nor is it capable of change.  This is an insular establishment so imbued with group-think that they are unable to generate an original thought.   Their primary concern is themselves and their place within the in-crowd.  They live and work among those who consider themselves to be the best and brightest and above all superior to the rabble that lives in the American hinterlands.

Thus they are among the most arrogant and self-centered people in the country and are not worthy of the rest of us spending so much time pointing out their absurd statements and bias.  

The media is first and foremost a business, and that alone will insure the ultimate failure of the industry.   There is no part of the mainstream media that is not declining, with many hemorrhaging red ink.  Whether it be the newspapers who have seen a 40+% drop in readership, or the various television networks with a similar decline, news magazine which are now virtually non-existent and cable news channels with an national audience the size of Providence, Rhode Island, the mainstream as it is constituted today is destined for the ash heap of history.

Unfortunately those in the media are so myopic and self-absorbed that they do not see the hand-writing on the wall.   This election season will be the last hurrah for the old media as the internet, talk radio, social media and Fox News will dominate the dissemination of news in the next presidential cycle.  

By so many on the right continually pointing out the many singular and obvious examples of bias in the mainstream media, all that is accomplished is to give those who wallow in their predisposition an audience and unwarranted attention.   As for those Republicans running for political office, they need to stop thinking they will ever receive a fair hearing on any mainstream media outlet and if required to deal with them then do so as they would a political adversary.

It is time to stop reacting to the absurd rantings of those such as Chris Matthews or the bias through selective reporting by the network anchors and focus on denying Barack Obama and his minions a second term.   That alone will further cement the fate of those in the media who will come face to face with reality when their high paying jobs are no more and they are forced to work at greatly reduced salaries for left-wing internet sites.