Dancing in Afghanistan is hazardous to your health

At least, if you are unfortunate to be living in a place under the control of the Taliban. Washington Post: Taliban insurgents beheaded 17 Afghan civilians in a rebel-controlled area of southern Afghanistan, officials said Monday, and two NATO troops were killed by an Afghan soldier in the eastern part of the country. The civilians, two of them women, were killed Sunday night in the Kajaki area of Helmand province, apparently because they were attending a party that featured music and mixed-gender dancing, provincial officials said. The radical Islamist Taliban movement, which enforced an extreme version of Islamic law during its 1996-2001 rule, prohibits such behavior. The Taliban did not immediately comment on the reported massacre. Neyamatullah Khan, chief of the Musa Qala district where U.S. Marines have long battled Taliban insurgents, said the Taliban slaughtered the partygoers to show disapproval of the celebration, news agencies reported. Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman...(Read Full Post)