Corzine gets the New Black Panther treatment.

To control prosecutorial exertion is to control when and where the law is applied.  Whom the posse pursues should not be a whim of political influence, but a matter of compulsory legal scrutiny.  No man is above the Law.  No man, not even the Attorney General,  should decide if and when and to whom law is applied. And Congressional testimony, though unpleasant, is not penance Could we imagine sports officiated this way.  On an NFL Sunday, certain running backs may step out of bounds, certain receivers may trap the ball on the ground. Video review, like the Philly polling place, is good theatre but of no consequence. In this analogy, Holder would be the ref with his head under the hood, on the sidelines.  Watching and deciding.  He comes to the middle of the field and flicks his belt microphone switch and tells the crowd the rules don't apply in this instance. Touchdown, my team.  Didn't I mention the referee is also part of a team? Jon Corzine...(Read Full Post)