Christine O'Donnell has some explaining to do

Remember when Christine O'Donnell was a tea party favorite and promised she would win a Senate seat from Delaware for the Republicans?  On the strength of her appeal to tea party conservatives, she defeated Mike Castle, a former governor and then-current member of the US House of Representatives, in the 2010 primary. Castle, who has won statewide elective office many times, was a near certainty to win the seat, but O'Donnell's ambition and ability to seize tea party momentum defeated him. Things did not work out as O'Donnell promised. She ended up losing in a landslide (a 17 point margin), and now Democratic Senator Chris Coons holds the seat, helping elect Harry Reid as Majority Leader now, and God help us, maybe next year, too. O'Donnell appears to have moved on to a new disgrace, allegedly stealing the idea for a television show from its originator, and joining with Al Gore-affiliated Current TV to develop a show based on someone else's idea.  Unfortunately for Ms....(Read Full Post)