Chick-fil-A, Obamacare and Us

The Chick-fil-A incident should finish off Obamacare.  With Chick-fil-A the beatific mask of the Left slipped and we saw behind it the hideous reality.  What is the Left really about?  Control.  Control. Control Leftist mayors had no problem stepping on the First Amendment, not to mention the American tradition of fair play.  Mayors and other government officials proudly broadcast that they were going to corrupt their own licensing processes for their political agendas.  They were going to interfere with procedures that are there to protect public health and safety and the integrity of neighborhoods through zoning.  Beyond the illegal interference with allegedly neutral government processes, these politicians were demanding blacklisting of Chick-fil-A.  And from Hollywood, scarred by blacklisting in the 1950's?  Not a peep, with the notable and honorable exception of Whoopi Goldberg who came crashing through.  But she is noteworthy for...(Read Full Post)