Chicago virtue versus Chicago values

It seems a great many residents of the Chicago area exhibited the admirable virtue of patriotism Tuesday by using their wallets to support the right of free speech. This is a right which Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel does not seem to believe is a Chicago value.  The one Chick-fil-A in Chicago proper is located about a block west of the iconic Water Tower that survived the Great Chicago Fire.  According to this report.Chicagoans hungry to flip the bird to Rahm, nicely The line at 12:10pm extended down the city block from the entrance, full of Chicagoans who, it would seem, don't share Mayor Rahm Emanuel's definition of "Chicago Values." A man just outside held up a collection box to buy lunch for Alderman Moreno's office. His spiel? "Repay hate with kindness." The woman next to me in line brought her elderly mother, an immigrant, to Chick-fil-A after she learned of the Mayor's antics. She emailed everyone from her church, upset that Christians were being discriminated against....(Read Full Post)