Chicago needs Wyatt Earp

The last few days have seen an astonishing explosion of violence in the city of Chicago. Two nights ago, 4 were killed and 15 wounded in a spree where 13 of those victims were shot in just 1/2 an hour. Last night, one was killed and 16 wounded in another spasm of violence. So far this August, there have been 50 homicides in the city, 15 more than occurred in August, 2011. This website gives the gory details. Hundreds have been wounded in addition to the record number of homicides. Meanwhile, police arrested 20 "juveniles" for "rowdy" behavior along the Magnificent Mile. Kids were pushing pedestrians, darting in and out of traffic as police pursued the gang up and down Michigan avenue. The city is being rocked by lawlessness. Simply put, the streets are unsafe anywhere. There have been a lot of theories about why the sudden outbreak of violence is occurring. Blame is being assigned to Mayor Emanuel or the economic situation that has meant far fewer jobs for young men. It hardly...(Read Full Post)