Chains Reaction: Romney Missing the Point on Biden Remark

On Tuesday Vice President Joe Biden offered the following to his audience at a Danville, Virginia campaign event: [H]e's going to let the big banks again write their own rules - unchain Wall Street!  They're going to put y'all back in chains. (original emphasis) The Romney campaign is alleging that the remark is inappropriate given its obvious charge of racism.  But they're largely missing the point.  1.  Yes, the statement has clear racial overtones.  Well, they're not even overtones.  The racial theme comprises the basic melody of the statement.  But who cares?  Few want to hear the Romney campaign whine about the Obama campaign's new lows.  No one who doesn't already agree with Romney is going to rally to his side because of this.  Especially since Romney murdered Joe Soptic's wife in cold blood.  2.  If Romney decided to use a twang and hurl even a spitball into Obama's zip code, the media would crucify him.  But...(Read Full Post)