Caroline Glick: The grim truth about Obama and Israel

The truth about Obama and Israel cannot be repeated too often, especially in the runup to the most crucial election in many years.  Caroline Glick is a fearless truth-telling commentator for the Jerusalem Post, a rare voice in the wilderness. Four months ago she wrote:  A few weeks ago the Obama administration put out a video extolling Obama's record on Israel. ... On the whole it was an obscene production. What can Binyamin Netanyahu or any other Israeli official say other than that Obama is a great friend of Israel? We have to face the dismal fact that Obama may remain in the White House until 2017. No Israeli official can afford to say openly what they think of this man.  ... in a bid to ensure that Obama's animosity towards Israel is exposed for all to see, Bill Kristol, Gary Bauer and Rachel Abrams formed the Emergency Committee for Israel. A Super Pac, ECI is permitted to run political ads.  ... As a consequence, the traditionally Democrat Jewish vote...(Read Full Post)