Can the GOP pick up a Senate seat in Hawaii?

Former Hawaian Governor Linda Lingle easily won the Republican Senate primary and will take on Democrat Mazie Hirono in November. It will be a rematch of their 2002 gubernatorial contest that Lingle won and went on to serve 2 terms in the statehouse -- the first two term Republican governor in 40 years. This is what is giving Republicans hope that they can win the seat. Lingle is popular and an excellent campaigner. She will be well funded -- as will Hirono -- and she has the best chance a GOP candidate has had to go to the Senate since 1970. The Hill: Hirono and Lingle will compete for the seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii). Their fight is a rematch of their 2002 gubernatorial contest where Hirono lost to Lingle, who went on to be the first two-term GOP governor of the state in 40 years. The November matchup for Senate is expected to be a tough fight for Lingle. A poll from the Honolulu Star Advertiser last month showed Hirono with 58 percent support...(Read Full Post)