Beer-Drinking Barack Charms Iowans at the Bud Tent

Having to pass up that fried Twinkie didn't stop Barack Obama from banging back a Budweiser at the state fair in Des Moines, Iowa.  The President chose to grace third-generation beer stand owner Mike Cunningham II's popular Bud Tent with his exalted presence, a decision that caused the establishment to be closed down during the most profitable time of the day.  After Barack's beer stop, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley signaled that the President's visit wasn't appreciated by the beer stand owner when he tweeted the following: "How does PresO justify havin secret service shut down the bud tent @ the state fair nd the owner told me he loses 50,000 n 1 nite?" According to Mike Cunningham, a more accurate figure for the cost of the President's little photo op to his beer business is about $25,000 in lost revenue, because when Obama arrived, for security reasons the beer tent was forced to close to the public right around the time arena-rock group Hairball was scheduled to appear in...(Read Full Post)