Anti-Israel Narrative Fail

Liberals, Europeans and Scandinavians, who, in their hatred for Israel have been railing against the Jewish state to "lift the siege" of Gaza, even though hundreds of tons of goods enter the Judenrein jihadist enclave from Israel daily. But as is well known, Gaza also imports goods - and weapons - via numerous underground tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Therefore, the I'm-not-anti-Jewish-just-anti-Zionist-Jews-are-not-a-people-just-a-religion crowd will no doubt be disappointed to learn that (emphasis mine): Buoyed by growing tensions between Hamas and Cairo in wake of last week's terrorist attack in Sinai, the Palestinian Authority on Saturday called on the Egyptians to tighten the blockade on Gaza by destroying all tunnels under their border with the [Gaza] Strip. Sorta screws up the Israel-Are-the-New-Nazis narrative, doesn't it? And if the Egyptians do destroy the when will we actually see a flotilla set sail to Egypt to break the Egypt's actual (unlike Israel's) blockade of...(Read Full Post)