A subdued Keynote address from Christie

It was not your typical keynote address from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday night. Mitt Romney's name wasn't mentioned until the last third of his speech and at times, he seemed to be touting his own record as governor more than promoting Romney's candidacy. But there's no one "right way" to deliver a keynote address, and the crowd seemed to enjoy much of what he had to say. Absent from the speech was the kind of red meat criticism of Obama that would have fired up the crowd to a fever pitch (think Zell Miller at the 2004 convention). This was obviously the way Romney wanted it -- a risky strategy considering that the Obama campaign has all but accused the GOP nominee of being a murderer, a felon, a tax dodge, and a greedy rich guy who enjoys putting ordinary folk out of work. Much of what Christie had to say was compelling enough anyway: We've never been a country to shy away from the truth. History shows that we stand up when it counts and it's this quality that...(Read Full Post)