A man, a plan, an election, Ryan

Mitt Romney has gone for the gold with his choice of Paul Ryan as running mate. The combined IQ of the two men on the ticket is probably higher than that of any other ticket in American history.  But IQ alone doesn't win elections, and Ryan has formidable political skills that meet the needs of a campaign that sometimes lacks a little fire. Ryan won his seat in southern Wisconsin from a Democrat, and has held it for several terms. His mastery of the federal budget is legendary, and he has a plan, while Obama does not, to rescue the nation's finances. We all remember the disgusting television ad showing a Ryan lookalike pushing a granny over a cliff. Rather than indicating Democrat strength, that approach indicates weakness. The Obama campaign is rapidly building a reputation for bullying, and even if some of the images of Romney as a murderer temporarily saw some voters, there is ample time to get serious and turn the smears against the Chicago gang. The American voters are going...(Read Full Post)