A laundry list of broken promises

As Mitt Romney pivots his campaign toward a discussion of budget and fiscal issues, the Republican National Committee has trotted out the tried and true weapon to use against incumbents; a list of broken promises. Fox News: The tally sheets on President Obama's campaign promises are nearly complete as Republicans try in the final months of the election season to hold the president's feet to the fire for whatever broken pledges they can find.  The Republican National Committee and Mitt Romney campaign are both focusing sharply on those pledges, not the least of which was the president's 2009 vow to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Romney and his aides have been mentioning that broken promise regularly in recent days.  As the campaign veers from side issue to side issue -- be it Romney's tax returns or Obama's fiddling with welfare reform -- expect Republicans to return focus when possible to several of these pledges as they try to cast the...(Read Full Post)