World's smallest violin playing for Jesse Jackson Jr.

If you thought that Jesse Jackson Jr. had an easy life, growing up the son of a multimillionaire racism entrepreneur, with a seat in Congress virtually handed to him on a platter because of his father's position in Chicago black politics, think again. It turns out, according to his mommy, that he has had a life of "enormous disappointment." Poor Jesse! Poor mommy, too, for now it turns out, according the Jacqueline Jackson, that she was "tricked" into speaking out publicly about her son's years of disappointment. The bizarre saga of the political Jackson family just gets more and more outlandish. The Congressman took off work for two weeks with no explanation, later informing his constituents that he was in treatment for "exhaustion," later upgraded to treatment for a "mood disorder" at a rehab facility in Arizona. Yesterday, in Chicago, mama Jackson addressed a Rainbow/Push gathering of women of her son's disappointments.  Abdon M. Pallasch of the Chicago Sun-Times writes: ...(Read Full Post)