UN Taxes: They're for the Poor!

The corruptocrats at the UN have been trying for years to collect taxes directly. The dues levied on member states (26% from the US) are not enough. Not nearly enough. Never enough. Now that august international body has issued a report on raising money "for the less fortunate" by levying taxes on billionaires - and on carbon dioxide emissions, currency transactions, financial transactions, and airline tickets. Hmmm. According to my lights, the last four do not fall on the one percent but the rest of us. Rob Vos, the report's lead author ... said the taxes make "economic sense" as they stimulate the green economy and "mitigate financial market instability." "In short, such new financing mechanisms will help donor countries overcome their record of broken promises," he added. This must be a Really Good Idea. I mean, it's for the "less fortunate"! Single moms and orphans first! Well, first after the UN bureaucrats, who will be snatching more with their greedy, grubby paws than the CEO...(Read Full Post)