To France with Clarice Feldman

When Clarice Feldman, whose Clarice's Pieces column graces AT every Sunday, missed a week on July 8, we heard from readers. She had good reason: she and her husband Howard were visiting the south of France for a week or so, something they have done with some regularity over the years. As her readers would expect, Clarice is not the least bit snobbish in her approach to the French, their food and their wine. With Clarice, everything is practical and down-to-earth. The illusions that others spin don't impress Clarice. She gets into nitty gritty of anything she takes an interest in, and figures out how it works and what it means. Clarice is a renowned cook, and her dinner parties in Washington, DC are famous for the quality of the food, as much as for her sparkling wit, which can  be even more pointed, and a bit salty in person. On her latest trip, Clarice investigated the baking of French baguettes by a baker who is using traditional methods and recipes handed down over the...(Read Full Post)