The Prisoner of Castro

Ambassador Armando Valladares, who was himself a prisoner of Castro and, upon his release was made out Ambassador to the Human rights Commission, takes up the case of Alan Gross, an American being held in Cuban prisons as a hostage to Castro's demands for more concessions from a spineless administration. His unfortunately too true observation deserves wider coverage than it's getting: The White House has abandoned you. It does not matter to them that you may be very ill and slowly dying. It does not matter to them that your daughter has cancer, or that your wife, too, is ill. The American president, who has made a habit of publicly bowing to foreign powers, bows to your torturers and would-be executioners. Meanwhile, the adult daughter of Cuba's dictator recently visited the U.S. to applaud and show her support for President Obama. She receives a visa to come to the United States and a Secret Service escort. And you? You suffer the torture of imprisonment. The Obama administration...(Read Full Post)