The Liberal 'Right' to Violence

Sports teams with Indian names, candy, the First and Second Amendment, and skull-smashing football are some of the things that offend and/or concern the left. Therefore, interdiction has become a favorite liberal pastime. So far lefties have successfully curtailed or outlawed: large sugary sodas, Caucasians uttering the "N" word, the word "terrorist," Muslim slurs of any kind, Christian prayer, Christmas carols and Nativity scenes, and smoking in public settings. To convince those who would normally oppose relinquishing another constitutional freedom, 'ban-happy' liberals use scare tactics to persuade the resistant to submit to their edicts. Yet, with death and disease as the criteria, somehow the bloodshed that defines abortion has remained exempt from the hot lights of liberal scrutiny. Democrats denounce gun violence while federally funding a genocidal industry responsible for the deaths of more women and unborn children since 1973 than Rwanda, Pol Pot, Nazi Germany, Stalin,...(Read Full Post)